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Popular modern hair styles-- Curling and straightening
There are innumerable gorgeous hair styles. People are crazy to imitate hair styles of their favorite film personalities and celebrities. Also the growing popularity of modern hair styles can be frequently seen in print or web medium.

Hair styling involves not only application of hair color but also the right hair up do. Right hair up do can be done by either performing curls, straightening your rigidly curled hair or applying the latest tresses on your hair.

Curling is one of the most common modern hair styles. It is also called perming or permanent waving.

Curling or perming can add an alluring bounce or glamor to the hair. After curling if you want hair to be straightened, then the curls have to be destroyed and the straightening process is to be followed.

Silky straight hair is a popular demand among black people who are tired of their rigid curls and waves. So they generally opt for hair straightening. Hair can be straightened through various ways among which the most oldest is hair pressing. Hair pressing procedure has originated in 19th century, but had undergone vigorous development with modern inventions. These modern hair pressing discoveries have made the hair more manageable.

Invention of modern techniques have made the hair pressing procedure less popular. Currently the popular hair straightening method is chemical relaxing. Chemical relaxing involves the application of strong chemicals directly to the hair fiber. The application is better done by an professional expert to ensure that the hair does not dry out.

Another popular hair straightening procedure is thermal reconditioning. It is a modern development and fairly revolutionary for curled African hair. It is the most effective hair straightening method but in tightly curled hair the results are less dramatic.

While these modern hair styles and treatments offer a new stylish look, the consequences should not be overlooked. Once the hair has been chemically treated either by straightening or by curling, special care with right hair care products becomes mandatory.

To make the best of these modern hair styling procedures, apply the right hue and remain proud of your crowing glory.

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