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Hair Damage : Causes and cure
Healthy hair is much more functional than it appears. It acts as a sensory nerve and gives gender identity to a person. Most importantly, it functions as an appearance enhancer. The overall look, personality and socio-economic status of a person are defined by hair upkeep.

The multi-functional healthy hair is basically made up of fibrous protein called keratin. Other than keratin, various other chemical components build up hair strands and provide it the required strength and durability. The chemical components, when disrupted by excess styling or other environmental factors causes severe hair damages.

The reason for damaged hair are many. Some of these are due to genetics, improper hair dressing, inadequate diet etc. Damaged hair is generally weak, porous, dry and prone to breakage. Of all these causes, improper grooming or inadequate hair care are the common cause for damaged hair. They affect the hair fiber resulting in hair breakage.

Improper or unprofessional grooming leads to severe hair damages like Trichorrhexis Nodosa, is a common hair fiber defect. It damages hair fibers, forms split ends and ultimately results in hair breakage. Trichorrhexis Nodosa is the effect of excess hair treatments, but in some cases hereditary or other metabolic factors can play a role.

Other damaged hair types, where excess hair treatments remain the basic cause is hair matting and bubble hair. As the name suggests, bubble hair involves the formation of bubbles in the hair fiber. Bubble hair is weak and brittle and is largely due to excess use of over-heated hair dryers.

Hair matting or severely tangled hair like that of 'bird's nest' is another kind of hair damage. Practically there are no possible ways to detangle this kind of hair damage. So, the ultimate treatment is to cut the affected hair and wait for new hair growth.

Usually, damaged hair is due to improper styling practices. Styling aids or grooming techniques are in itself not harmful, but they can cause severe hair damages if not practiced in a proper way.

So remain informed about all kinds of styling procedures like coloring, hair straightening or curling procedures. Also learn in details about the various styling aids, and the right hair care products.

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